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AI for Getting to Yes

Organizations are full of rules.

Following the rules to get something done in a bureaucracy is often a Sisyphean effort, even for those on the inside.

ConductorAI helps users in large organizations get to yes faster by leveraging the latest AI advancements to navigate paperwork, opaque processes, and everyday compliance challenges.

Move at the Speed of AI

and make sure non-data scientists don't get left behind

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Leverage AI-enabled technologies to connect model outputs with related primary source materials to improve trust and transparency in AI models

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Reduce friction associated with onerous compliance workflows by surfacing existing policies, procedures, and FAQs to users within their current workflows

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Model Evaluation

Combat hallucination and adverse inputs by ensuring that AI outputs are assessed against enterprise data sources at the point of use

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Transform Data Sharing  

The ConductorAI platform, powered by the latest AI technologies, is helping users quickly search and attribute their work to relevant policies and procedures.

One customer has indicated that this approach enables them to share data with international partners in half the time, saving thousands of people hours per year.


Powerful AI Solutions 

New AI capabilities are changing the way that users interact with information and get things done. ConductorAI is bringing that innovation to bear in both the public and private sectors based on decades of dual-use expertise

Federal Government

ConductorAI is currently under contract with the federal government to prototype new AI-powered compliance capabilities in secure environments and is awardable on Tradewinds


Localized AI-powered discovery and compliance enables highly regulated commercial customers to deploy and leverage AI while adhering to industry-specific regimes

State & Local Government

ConductorAI has worked with over 500 companies to assist with local AI law compliance, including NYC Local Law 144 governing the use of algorithms in hiring


ConductorAI provides AI-driven SaaS solutions to help you begin using AI quickly. Our approach combines best-in-class capabilities with decades of experience building software for non-technical users in highly regulated environments

How can I purchase your capabilities?

For Federal customers, ConductorAI is currently under contract with various entities through a Phase II SBIR and through the Tradewinds procurement vehicle, an OTA mechanism implemented by the DoD's Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO).

For State, Local, Commercial, and International customers, ConductorAI supports pilot and milestone-driven acquisition approaches to ensure that the platform needs scale exponentially with value delivered.

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What features are included?

The ConductorAI platform consists of containerized models and software capabilities to power rapid AI adoption. Key components include the ability to ingest structured and unstructured data (e.g., PDFs, emails, Word documents, etc.), apply models to categorize and extract key data elements, and configure workflows to support non-technical end users.

Contact us to learn more about how our platform can be extended to your needs.

What controls do you adhere to?

The ConductorAI platform can either be deployed into existing customer environments or accessed via commercial / secure cloud platforms. It is currently deployed into IL-4 and IL-5 prototype environments. Deployment and adherence to FedRAMP High, IL-6, and an additional secure environment is underway.

Do you help with the EU Digital Services Act?

The Digital Services Act (DSA) is a wide-reaching EU law designed to protect consumer rights, cut down on illegal content and disinformation on the internet, encourage fair competition amongst service providers of all sizes, and increase transparency and accountability of online services.

ConductorAI is currently taking limited customer engagements to provide assistance with EU DSA compliance. Contact us to learn more.

Can you help me comply with NYC Local Law 144?

Local Law 144, also known as the AEDT Law, is New York City’s new law to help eliminate bias in the use of “automated employment decision tools” (AEDTs). AEDTs are tools that use algorithms or AI to assist in making hiring and promotional decisions. These are typically software applications built to simplify the hiring process by assigning scores and rankings to candidates.If your company uses an AEDT as part of its hiring process in New York City, it is subject to Local Law 144. To comply, your company needs to undergo a third-party audit for each AEDT it uses, and the audit results need to be posted on a public website. Enforcement starts July 5th, 2023.

ConductorAI is currently taking on limited customer engagements to help companies comply with this law. Contact us to learn more.

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